8 chest exercises to do at home without tools

8 chest exercises to do at home without tools

How can you improve your bib numbers? And how to do it, above all, when you don’t have time to go to the gym regularly, so without tools?

The gym is now an increasingly popular place, for a myriad of reasons: on the one hand, it is full of tools that allow us to stimulate all our muscles; on the other hand, it provides us with a fixed appointment which, given the not very small cost of the various cards, we cannot escape so easily.

Finally, it allows us to meet new people or to bring friends with us, sharing an effort that, alone, we would perhaps not face.

Not everyone, however, can afford to attend a gym for continuity: times of work and family sometimes prevent us from going there with a certain constancy, and therefore we think that it is not even worth the effort to spend all that money on a place where you only set foot once in a while.

And therefore, in those cases, we are convinced that perhaps we can do it alone, at home and without tools, to better develop our shape and our muscles.

We don’t know if all this works: it essentially depends on your willpower. But if you are also in this situation and want to work on your bibs from home, here are eight primo tabs that will surely be right for you.

8 chest exercises to do at home without tools

1. Pushups

A timeless classic

Let’s start with the most classic exercise to stimulate the muscles of the arms and pectorals: the push-ups. As you probably know, the important thing, in this case, is being able to keep the body straight, without arching the butt upwards, which would end up making the exercise almost useless.

The position therefore obviously involves lying face down and placing the hands with the palms open on the floor, exactly below the shoulders; in addition, a straight line should be formed as much as possible between the shoulders and heels.

At this point, you can start the push-ups, in which you must try not to go completely to the ground, but to bend your arms to the point where a 90 ° angle forms at the elbow, and then return to stretch them and get back in the starting position.

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Of course, if you are a beginner at first, an exercise of this type could quickly leave you breathless: if so, try to start with your knees resting on the ground, but still trying to keep the rest of the body as straight as possible.

2. Push-ups with raised feet

Similar to plank, but more difficult

After having (re) seen how the push-ups are done, we present a couple of variations that will help you to ease boredom and stimulate the muscles more intensely.

The ones that we present in this and the next point, in fact, are to be considered as more extreme versions of the same exercise, and therefore we suggest you to put them into practice only after having become quite expert in pure and simple push-ups.

We already presented the first exercise some time ago, when we suggested methods to remedy the abdominal side, even if there we were not talking so much about push-ups but more properly about plank, with the forearms resting on the ground and the feet that they moved on a bench.

Here only the position is similar: the arms and the upper part of the body must be placed as in normal push-ups, while the tips of the feet must be positioned above a rise, which can be a bench, a sofa, a chair or whatever you have at home.

At this point, we start with the push-ups, but you will immediately notice that the weight on the arms and chest is in this case very different.

3. Pushups with wide arms

If you want to leave out the biceps

Second and last variant in the field of push-ups: those with wide arms. As we said at the opening, in fact, the correct and classic position of this exercise is that which involves keeping the hands more or less perpendicular to the shoulders.

This helps to develop the pectoral muscles, but also affects the muscles of the arms a lot, allowing you to improve the whole upper body. If, on the other hand, you want something more incisive on the bibs, you can try the wide-arm variant.

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As you can also see in the video that we show you below, in fact, by greatly enlarging the position of the hands you make your pectorals work, instead limiting the pure effort of the arms. On the contrary, if you want to neglect the chest and work on the biceps, you can bring your hands together until they touch each other.

4. Dip with the chairs

As if you were parallel

We change the type of exercise while remaining within the scope of something that can easily be done at home and move on to the so-called “dip”, a somewhat spartan version of what gymnasts usually do at bars.

First of all, to be able to try your hand you have to find a pair of particularly stable chairs: folding chairs are very good, for example, which, as seen in the video below, also distribute the weight well over the entire base.

After that, arrange the chairs with the backrests facing each other, and stand in the middle, with your hands resting on a different back each.

At this point you have to raise your legs so as not to rest your feet on the ground and, immediately after, begin to bend your arms, reaching the usual angle of 90 ° with your elbow before pushing yourself up again to stretch the arms.

Obviously the exercise is not at all easy if you are not trained and that the stress on the arms and pectorals is important, but if you have come this far after doing the previous exercises you should be ready for the next step.

8 chest exercises to do at home without tools

5. Various stretching

To loosen the muscles

We close the first part of our presentation with something lighter, useful to stretch your limbs after each session of exercises, whether it is traditional push-ups, or that more demanding workouts are involved.

In fact, there are various stretching exercises that you can do to strengthen your chest and rest your muscles at the same time, and some of them you can also see in the video that we show you below; but let’s try to list and explain some to you.

First, the simplest exercise is to hold your arms straight forward with your palms touching while standing, and then quickly bring them backward while keeping them straight, repeating at least 10 times.

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Then, always standing, place your hands on your hips and push your elbows backward, then returning to the initial position and repeating everything for at least 10 movements.

Again, stretch one arm as if to scratch your back, keeping your elbow at the height of your head, and with the other arm push right on your elbow to stretch the muscles (and then do the same by changing the arm).

3 more bib exercises, in addition to the 5 already reported

Five exercises are not enough? Do you want some more to try, even without tools, at home? Here are three that could be right for you, all characterized by the presence of only one, very simple tool: bottles of water.

Crosses with bottles

As we have anticipated, all the exercises that we propose in this second part of our article are based on the use of a couple of elements present in each house such as two bottles of water, preferably of two liters each.

Once you have taken the bottles, lie down on a bench or, in the absence of anything else, on a mat lying on the ground. Then spread your arms at the sides of the chest, perpendicular to it, so that on each of the hands there is a bottle, held firmly.

At this point, the actual activity begins. Raise your arms with a rotating movement according to the cross exercise that you see also reproduced above, in the video. Move your arms slowly and precisely.

Repeat the exercise several times, perhaps in cycles of 20 lifts. When you are sufficiently trained, if you wish, you can also buy real dumbbells of a more significant weight or even a bench and repeat the exercise even more effectively.

8 chest exercises to do at home without tools

Stretches with rotation

We conclude with the third variation on the theme, which could, however, be further useful for strengthening the muscles of the arms and especially of the pectoral muscles. These are the stretches with rotation, always to be carried out on a bench or something similar.

Also, in this case, get two full and heavy bottles of water, which over time you will perhaps replace more professional dumbbells. Once lying on your back, start the exercise as in the case of the stretches we just told you about.