Nitric Oxide What is It Does it Really Work

Nitric Oxide What is It Does it Really Work

Energy invades your body giving you great strength and motivation to carry out a workout like you have never enjoyed before.

Today we are talking about NITRIC OXIDE …. WHAT IS IT? AND HOW IT WORKS? Nitric oxide is one of the most popular sports supplements in fitness and bodybuilding for its great contribution to muscle development and increased muscle vasodilation, improving congestion during physical exercise.


It is a vasodilator of the veins that will bring more blood to our muscle fibers during and after training, controlling blood pressure and allowing muscle cells to function to the maximum by providing the circulation of nutrients and oxygen in the tissues.

Nitric Oxide What is It Does it Really Work

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When Nitric Oxide gas is released into an artery, it relaxes and expands. Nitric oxide relaxes smooth muscle in the walls of even the smallest blood vessels.

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How does Nitric Oxide work? 

Nitric oxide will help us to have greater resistance, this means that in our workouts when we are exercising between repetitions it will help us obtain greater strength and be able to train faster and with a greater amount of weight.

It will help us especially in the speed of recovery, this means that we will recover more quickly and we will get a greater number of repetitions during training.

Also to obtain a greater resistance with which we are going to bear heavier weights and it is also going to give us that extra energy that we all need at the time of training, so we will be at 110% of our capacities and do better results. And we will also obtain a greater increase in muscle congestion and our hypertrophic muscles due to the greater pumping of blood, which makes it help us to motivate ourselves more and see ourselves in the mirror a little bigger.

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With any product that contains amino acids, you can have side effects from taking much more doses than necessary. A very excessive dosage with arginine can cause diarrhea, weakness and nausea.

NO (Nitric Oxide) only has a side effect and is that it increases the production of free radicals, these are in charge of oxidizing all the cells in our body and this means that we age faster (we oxidize more quickly), but to avoid this oxidation, it is recommended to eat foods rich in antioxidants (acidic fruits and fresh fruits, dairy products, eggs, etc.) or a supplement of antioxidants.

Nitric Oxide What is It Does it Really Work

What the shots will depend a lot on the brand you choose, if it is the BSN brand Nitrix (the best) its shots are 3 tablets 30 before the main meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner). If it is the Universal NOX3 it is 3 30 before breakfast and lunch. If it is the Animal Nitro from Universal it is a bag before or after training. If it is the EAS Nitric Oxide Booster it is 4 30 before training … Do not worry because the way of taking it is very clear on the labels. The most normal thing is that it is before each main meal or training.

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The intake of this product should be between 2 and 3 months, then rest for a month (although it is said that there is no need to rest, but this I am afraid is information from the same brands that all they want is to sell).